Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lesbian sex with Rekha chachi

Hi, this is tania, I am writing after a longtime. I want to share my lesbian experience that I had with my aunt few years ago. After my trip to Nagpur and my first experience with my cousin sumi, I started to get adventurous. 

My experience was a great one after that. This happened when I was into my final year graduation. I was studying at Kerala (Palghat).My mother's younger sister who had a 2 month old daughter was expecting her husband working in the gulf to come on leave. She needed help to setup the house. My mother asked me to go and stay with her and put the house in order. 

I went to Rekha chechi's house at around 11 am. She was busy applying oil on the child to give her a bath. When I rang the door bell, Rekha chechi asked who it was, when I told her that I have come to help her, she asked me to come to the side door. 

She was sitting there on the floor and had folded her nightie till the top of her thighs and the child was lying on its stomach on chechi's legs. She was busy appyling oil on the back of the child. I kept the bag on the varendah and came near my aunt. 

The top buttons of her nightie was open and her cleavage was seen. She had nice big boobs and was fair in colour. Her legs were also smooth and silky. I was enjoying the beautiful sight and was imagining her without clothes and how I would be enjoying her. As she finished massaging the child, she lay the child on the rubber mat. while bending forward I could see that she was not wearing any bra inside and her boobs were dangling inside. That made me more horny. 

As she sat back she almost lost her control and her legs went up in the air. I could see the lovely cunt as she had not worn any undies. Rekha chechi saw me looking at her and she blushed and asked what i saw. I thought now was the chance to start my adventure. 

So I said that it looks like you are eagerly waiting for Chetan to come and you have not worn anything inside. I could clearly see your hole. My chechi blushed again and said, its a long time since I had sex. chetan went almost a year ago. He loaded me and left. now the child is more than 2 months old. I told her not to worry, we will keep each other's company till he comes. she was surprised by my statement. 

She finished bathing the child and came inside the bedroom. She lay the child on the bed and was getting ready to breast feed the child. I told her to wait and came close to chechi. I told her to remove the nightie completely. lets have some fun as you feed the child. 

I removed chechi's nightie and she was completely naked. I went behind her and hugged her from the back. I kissed her on the earlobes and slowly bit them. I kneaded her breasts slowly and i ran my fingers along her stomach down to her cunt. I could see her hairs standing up. With one hand I kneaded her breasts and the other was fingering her cunt. She put her hands to her back and held me close and said its nice. 

I turned her around and made her lie on the bed I told her to start feeding the child while I stripped my clothes. I removed all my clothes and stood naked next to chechi. Chechi extended her hand to reach my cunt. She inserted a finger into my moist cunt. it felt like heaven. I spread my legs to give her more room as she started to finger fuck me. Now I lay beside her an took one of her breasts into my mouth. I sucked it and milk started to flow into my mouth. It tasted nice. 

As i kept sucking her, i too started to finger fuck her. She started to get fully aroused. by then the child had already slept. Now I sat on chechi's stomach and started to suck both the boobs. Then I slowly slid down and started to lick her cunts. Her cunt was loose after the delivery. I spread them wide and started to lick her clit and within no time she came into my mouth. I liked her clean and came up and lay for her to start licking my cunt. She did a good job and I too came into her mouth. She had enjoyed this first experience and we had some more good time till her husband came.. 

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